The Nirmalrani Province is involved in human welfare activities. We are conducting various developmental programmes for eradicating illiteracy and poverty from rural areas of Idukki. For eradicating illiteracy the Province is assisting Nursery Schools, Schools and other educational institutions.

1. Nirmaljyothi Public School Vellayamkudy:Nirmaljyothi Public School Vellayamkudy is a CBSE School, started functioning on 1st June 2004 and run by Nirmaljyothi educational trust, under the management of Nirmalrani Province Idukki of Franciscan Clarist Congregation. It is situated in a serene, beautiful and enchanting hilly sides, enrapturing and tranquil surroundings. Nirmaljyothi Public School is erected in the High ranges of Kerala, emitting Jyothi, the light of Fraternity, wisdom and service. Our motto is "To be enlightened."The Management, Principal and staff believe in a Comprehensive programme of learning experience to ensure academic excellence and personal integrity. Our aim is to extend the rays of knowledge and wisdom solely to all classes of people in this rural area.

2.Assisi Special School Vellayamkudya school for mentally challenged children. We are running special schools and rehabilitation centers for the care of physically and mentally challenged children. Assisi Special School, established in 1993, at Vellayamkudy.Now there are 105 mentally challenged children getting our service from this Centre. The final objective of this school is to integrate them to the main stream of the society.  Vocational training such as tailoring, envelope making, craft work and horticulture is imparted to children of the Special School.Apart from this we are running Nurseries and Day care Centres also.

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